AGM: Colors & Shadow Color

Visualize how color affects a knot's design

AGM: Colors & Shadow Color

One of the best parts about Advanced Grid Maker is its use of color to create both the pattern image and run lists. Here are tips for the Colors and Shadow Color fields plus a example of how color affects a knot’s appearance.

The Fields

This image highlights the Colors and Shadow Color fields.

AGM: Colors & Shadow Color fields
AGM: Colors & Shadow Color fields


To do its thing, AGM needs 1 HTML color name for each strand in a design – a 3-strand knot requires 3 Colors.

Separate each color with a space – not a comma.

You can use the same color more than once.

Common names like black, white, gray, red, blue, and green all work.

You can find more HTML color names here: Picker: Color Names

Glitchy – After changing a color, leave this field by hitting the Tab key. If you click away to another field or button, the pattern may not update.

Shadow Color

The Shadow Color field is only used to generate the image – it’s meant to help make crossings easier to see.

I generally stick with white when my strands are dark, and black when my strands are light – but you can use any color you like.

Color Order can Matter

Some, but not all knots, can look drastically different depending on the order of strand colors. Here’s a herringbone interweave using the same 3 colors in different orders.

AGM: Herringbone color order
AGM: Herringbone color order

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