AGM: Pineapple Knots

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AGM: Pineapple Knots

I’ve been tying knots for 5 years and can only do a few from my head. Video and image tutorials are great, but I find run lists to be the most helpful. Here’s how to use Advanced Grid Maker to create run lists for pineapple knots. Fair warning: it isn’t hard, but it isn’t straight-forward either.

How Big?

Figuring out how big a knot needs to be and the length of cord needed is somewhat of an art – you need to think about the object being covered, the material being used, and how tight you tie.

You can learn more about using AGM to make size estimates here: AGM: Strand Width & Strand Gap.

For now, let’s say I’m practicing and want to make something like the knot below. It doesn’t matter now, but this happens to be a 3-strand, type I pineapple.

AGM 3-Strand Pineapple Knot Type I
AGM 3-Strand Pineapple Knot Type I

There are lots of ways to come up with a starting point … I know I want 3 colors … I’m using a 6B 7P Turk’s Head as my base because it’s a nice practice size … And I’m making a type I because they’re my favorite.

If you’re new to tying, here’s some resources that might help:

This gives me some information I can use to move forward:

AGM Pineapple Knot - Nested Bights
AGM Pineapple Knot - Nested Bights


This image highlights the settings needed for pineapple knots. Because they’re common to every knot, I cover certain settings in separate posts.

AGM Pineapple Knot Settings
AGM Pineapple Knot Settings

Column Coding & Pineapple Grid

I was reading about row & column coding just the other day and I still don’t understand it. And please don’t ask me what ‘shifted bight’ means.

Fortunately, John Allwine was kind enough to just tell me what to enter for the Column Coding , Nested Bights, and Shifted Bights fields 🙂

Important: Be sure to click the Column Coding and the Pineapple Grid buttons at least once and each time you change these fields.

Column CodingNested BightsShifted Bights
2 StrandsOUUO21
3 StrandsOUUUOO31
4 StrandsOUUUUOOO42

Generate the Pattern: Grab & Resize

Once the basic settings are in place, there’s two ways to generate a pineapple knot. The first way is to grab the lower-right corner of the pattern image and start resizing.

This is super fun and a great way to stumble on cool patterns – you could easily do it for 10 minutes before realizing you haven’t found a pineapple.

Grab and drag the lower-right corner to resize knot
Grab and drag the lower-right corner to resize knot

Okay, maybe it won’t take you 10 minutes to notice there’s some info below the image that updates as the pattern is resized.

  • Bights we know from way back at the beginning – there are 6 nested bights with 3 strands each for a total of 18 bights.
  • If working backwards from an image, then you can count the parts … Or maybe you intuitively know that the 6B 7P TH is going to surround two 6B 5P THs, for a total of 17 parts.
  • And a final hint is that columns will always be a multiple of the number of strands being used – not every multiple, but a multiple.

Generate the Pattern: Recipes

Even with some starting info, resizing the pattern to find the right size and type pineapple is hit-or-miss. It’s why I’ve put together “recipes”.

AGM Pineapple Knot Recipe
AGM Pineapple Knot Recipe

I’ve embedded the sheet below, but suggest opening the file directly. To find a recipe:

  1. Select the 2 Strand, 3 Strand, or 4 Strand sheet.
  2. Filter column A for the number of nested bights – here it’s 6.
  3. Then filter column J for the Type – here it’s type I.

The remaining columns provide everything AGM needs – rows, columns, bights, parts, nested & shifted bights, and column coding – resize the image until the dynamic information matches the recipe.

Run List

If you’ve made it this far, congratulations! You have a run list. AGM offers two formats – toggle the Consolidate Overs and Unders checkbox to view.

Some knots start with 1 or more turns around the mandrel. When this is true, the consolidated instructions will have it as the first line – it is NOT shown in the un-consolidated instructions. This knot doesn’t have any starting turns.

AGM Run List
AGM Run List


Whew – made it! Advanced Grid Maker isn’t the most intuitive tool, but with a little know-how, it’s a powerful way to visualize knots, make estimates, and generate run lists.

Pineapples aren’t nearly as hard as they may appear on first glance and I hope this helps you in some way. Got questions or feedback? Let me know in the comments below.

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